We manufacture plastic parts from 0.02 g to 0.5 kg using series injection moulding processes:

  • Injection moulding processes with fully automated part removal and placement
  • Manual packaging in separate packages, based on discussion
  • Reprocessing of plastic parts (tempering, burr removal, finishing)
Plastics / manufacturer
  • PBT
  • PA
  • PC
  • PP
  • PE
  • POM
  • and other technical plastics with a variety of additives
Machines and their sizes
  • Over 50 machines, over 40 of which have robotic systems
  • Manufacturer: WITTMANN BATTENFELD, Engel, ARBURG
  • Spiral sizes: 15 mm to 70 mm
  • Tonnages/locking forces: 15 t to 400 t
  • Over 85% of our machines are fitted with tool-internal pressure sensor technology
  • Central water cooling unit
  • Central material feed
  • Central plant data logging system which is integrated into ERP
Range of parts
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • IATF
  • QM 9001
  • UL 94

30 years of experience

In 1990, we founded the plastics technology division where the maintenance division is now housed. Then, it comprised two employees and two machines. In the following year, we built a hall which covered 500 square metres to house eight injection moulding machines, a warehouse and drying department. Then, in 1998, we acquired another plot of land with 1,000 square metres of production area for seven workers and eight machines. Now, we have over 50 injection moulding machines and are growing constantly. In 2000, our quality management was certified in accordance with DIN 9001.

In 2006, we installed the ALS host computer system from ARBURG throughout our production facilities. In 2014, a rolling 7-day shift model was introduced in production. In 2017, we were certified according to IATF 16949:2016 for the first time. Since 2018, all business processes have been mapped using the ERP system MS Dynamics Navision.

QUALITY services

  • Inspections during manufacturing
  • Force testing up to 50 N
  • Leak testing
Quality is of prime importance to us.

Our philosophy

In our PWF plastics technology division, we manufacture products using 50 electric and hydraulic Engel, ARBURG and BATTENFELD injection moulding machines with locking forces from 150 kN to 4,000 kN. Our production operations run in shifts seven days a week. All of our injection moulding machines are equipped with colour dosing devices and CNC robots to remove the parts and place them in nested holders in boxes on conveyor belts.

Each year we process around 700 tonnes of technical plastics, including PBT, PA 6, PA 66, PEI, PVDF, PEEK, PPS and PPSU. The materials are dried in central silos equipped with over-drying protection and are then transported to the injection moulding machines via a closed conveyor system.

We use the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system and the Arburg MDE [machine data logging] system to fulfil customer orders within the agreed time frames, as these software solutions give us a transparent and up-to-date overview of how the production of each order is progressing.

Certificate IATF 16949
Certificate of Compliance