PWF represents …

Precision mould construction and plastics technology –
not just an industrial solution provider, but also a strategic partner. “Made in Germany: from ideas to design to implementation.”

Over 100 employees in our corporate group have been contributing to our company’s success for over 50 years with their engagement and the quality of their work.

As a family company, we stand for consistency, fairness, loyalty and reliability.

What sets us apart from the crowd?

We are curious

We seek out knowledge and are open to experience new things and learn. Without this trait and this thirst for knowledge, there would be no innovation or advancement. Whether this be in tool construction, developing plastic products or optimising processes:
We’re always ready to do something new!


Analysis, process data, transparency
In all design, engineering and project phases, we constantly look for the solution-relevant and system-relevant details that make a project successful. We’re only happy if you are.


Arthur Wellington:
“Experience is the sum of the mistakes that one makes.” However, the sum of the mistakes needs to be less than the sum of good decisions.
Thanks to over 50 years of experience, we are convinced that our expertise will also delight you!

Our goals

Effective solutions and their implementation
Happy customers worldwide