Tool construction

Years of experience and expertise go into the manufacture of our products and provision of our services, using state-of-the-art design, simulation and production methods.

Plastics technology

We manufacture our plastic products, from small batch runs to mass production, and meet the most stringent quality standards in the process, with the aim of achieving zero-error production.

Our philosophy

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do

It’s a guiding principle that reflects the core meaning of our philosophy. After all, our customers’ satisfaction affects our company’s success.

We put everything into meeting customer requests, facilitated by our high degree of innovation and flexibility. From experience, we know that you can only be successful on the market if you are ready to constantly improve your own processes.

Following on from that premise, we see our customers’ individual requirements as an incentive to constantly review our own processes and even make new improvements to them. New customer requests are therefore one of the engines driving our company forward. We employ our own new ideas to help make our customers’ ideas a reality.

At the same time, we aim for consistently high quality in all of the products that leave our facilities, whether they are moulding tools or plastic products. The high quality of our work gives our customers a decisive advantage on the global market. Even before designing a tool we think about the quality of the product the tool will be used to create later. We use our years of experience in mould construction to make decisive improvements to the quality of the final plastic product even during the tool design phase.

This guiding principle therefore combines the four pillars of our success: product innovation, process standardisation, fulfilment of individual customer requests and quality of products and services.


We support the Lübeck Cougars, an American-football club playing in the German Football League 2. The team embodies much of what we also think is important: team spirit, commitment and passion.
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